Thursday, January 20, 2011

On The Greatness of the Mozart Piano Sonatas - part 2

All my life I have heard the hollow echoings of the traditional wisdom that Mozart Piano Sonatas are somehow lesser members of the family...I could list dozens of insipid quotes from those in positions of "influence" that I have been stunned to hear over the course of decades-This one stands out somehow (from a piano teacher who had amassed a flock of students all of whom she told-"Don't bother with the Mozart Piano Sonatas. There is SO much more music in his concertos.) I had the good fortune to fall in love with the Sonatas in 1942 so my love affair has been a long one. In 1949 I began studying them with Nadia Reisenberg, whose broadcast performances of the complete Mozart Concerti are still legendary. - Her emphasis was that in every single note, in every turn of phrase, Mozart's genius is to reveal his full genius.

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