Saturday, January 1, 2011

I respond to Brian Solis on Blogging

You're right-Promise delivered. It was not a boring ride! Just new to blogging still an exploring tourist with intentions to move on into the Bloggerverse- I am discovering the world-wide grid is really a small town in which it is possible that everyone will be able to know your "business" - Words are the key to our presence here. The point you make about the high importance of choosing well, the point you make about the fact that every little detail, every link you choose to send out, every RT you send forth, all goes into a quite real self-portrait, whether the "you" is an objectified "business" or just the self you are in the process of re-thinking as the brand it is and has always been. Today is the first day of a New Year - and blogging is going to be a central factor in my new architecture. Moving on in' - Thanks for the post - It induced good creative thought.
and brought me to these quotations:
"There is much to do-Do it now." - Beethoven
"The important thins is to do and nothing else-be that what it may." Piccasso


  1. Great start to 2011, Wayne! I often get bogged down while blogging as I try to create the 'perfect' post - but I have found that sometimes the best reader reactions come from the 'quick' posts. So, don't overthink it, just blog it :-)


  2. Well done. As ajmanik said, #justblogit!

  3. Wow! Thank you both for responding! So - that is how it is done - You are king enough to read my stuff, and what's better you let me know something about that experience. & then I can come here & thank you! I am going to be doing a lot of this. There is so much great and useful stuff out there in blogs-so much beautiful stuff.
    Thanks for the summation: