Monday, January 3, 2011

I Find My Way

I heartily agree with your perception that the time to strart building an audience for your book is before it is finished.
A story:
When in 1965 Scribners first published “Miss MacIntosh, My Darling” by Marguerite Young the book was already famous -over its 17 year + period of composition it had gained an epic reputation among the literary elite – It was reviewed by the New York Times, hailed as the greatest single American literary achievement since Moby Dick, had a fair to middling sale, was remaindered in the Village Book Stores, was picked up by Harcourt for paperback) and now holds a high place in the literary firmament, with few readers on board at any given time, to be sure.
Well, that’s literature.
I have begun to put bits and pieces of my novel out as blogposts – “scenes” –
The characters become real in the reading. A reader responded she liked the speech of Ah Toy – so of course I will post more speeches by that lady, for that lady. Now, if you can gather online a few (let us say a mere thousand LOL) readers all of whom are clamoring for Ah Toy’s next speech, you’d be “on your way”- you’d have taken your first step.
There you are.


  1. You have written a BOOK? Well, I want to read it! love molly

  2. Thanks Molly-
    It's a work in progress.