Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Bombay Tale Continued (2)

The Taj is something quite special.
In The Neptune Suite of the old Taj there was an integration and a disintegration. All that ever was had ceased to be. All that was to be was not yet.
The time was ever "neti neti neti neti...." and there had been no syllable. Or that had been the only syllable written upon a snowflake, and that had been the melting syllable.
Ah Sing often paused to reflect on recent events-the beheading with which all had begun necessitated a sort of vast digression through wildernesses uncharted. That required some doing, a setting of the stage, and the assembling of vivid, bright, colorful, indeed even unforgettable characters. We are in the midst of all that, my dear Transparency, so do have patience with it all. be continued.....

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