Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 Questions: "What's On My Mind?" and "What's In My Brainbox?" - Is There A Difference? An If So, So What

I thought that such a nifty, if outrageously extended, title for a post that a post must needs (lol) be written. (I think I will, fairly soon at that, just do away completely with the little parenthetical lol bit-after all, I am assuming readers will come this way who don't really require that kind of vulgar push.... be continued...
Well, why not continue just right now...the subject at hand being whether or not the two questions "What's on my mind?" and "What's in my brainbox?" are actually and in reality one (and thus the same) question.
Do I detect any thoughts out there?
Any resonant harmony?
What say ye?
What Cheer?


  1. FWIW, the "brain" is a physical entity. whereas, the "mind" is an entity that processes all our sensory inputs from our five senses. Some may argue that they are one and the same, but, I would say that there is a subtle difference. YMMV!


  2. Thank you ajmanik! Yes. The brain perished with the physical body, having served its purpose. The mind is what travels endlessly through the mansion worlds of the Creative Intelligence.