Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On #MozartChat - Some Thoughts

1. Use the hashtag #MozartChat
That seems "obvious" but to many new to twitter it is not.
Think of it in this way: The hashtag (#) is akin to the access code into a building-push pound and then the numbers #1234 and voila, the door opens. Same. Without the #MozartChat hashtag, you will not be "in the room" with the rest of us.
2. For the most part, lets keep our tweets on Mozart - It is his party and we want to exult in his genius.
3. We are at the party to have fun, and to communicate with each other. Share your thoughts, your opinions (remember, opinions are just that-others have as much right to theirs as I to mine-& let's really listen to Shakespeare on this: "Occupy the argument no longer." Argument is essentially dull and dulling:-)
4. Share links.
5. I would appreciate your thoughts on the Mozart Piano Sonatas. I believe they are vehicles for the most nutritive, spirit-stirring, and inspiring communications available to human beings. My central focus in life is to continue exploring their beauty and depth and to share these treasures with others, especially children. My intention is to continue placing my 5 CD recording of the McEvilly-Mozart 17 Piano Sonatas in the environments of millions of children worldwide.
6. Share links to your favorite performances.
7. Share links to blogposts about Mozart.
8. "Just talk amongst yourselves."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On The Greatness of the Mozart Piano Sonatas - part 2

All my life I have heard the hollow echoings of the traditional wisdom that Mozart Piano Sonatas are somehow lesser members of the family...I could list dozens of insipid quotes from those in positions of "influence" that I have been stunned to hear over the course of decades-This one stands out somehow (from a piano teacher who had amassed a flock of students all of whom she told-"Don't bother with the Mozart Piano Sonatas. There is SO much more music in his concertos.) I had the good fortune to fall in love with the Sonatas in 1942 so my love affair has been a long one. In 1949 I began studying them with Nadia Reisenberg, whose broadcast performances of the complete Mozart Concerti are still legendary. - Her emphasis was that in every single note, in every turn of phrase, Mozart's genius is to reveal his full genius.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On The Greatness Of Mozart's Piano Sonatas

I commented on an article by Jessica Duchen entitled "Let's Hear It For the Mozart Piano Sonatas" -
This article could not possible be more pertinent and timely - I have for many years played all the Piano Sonatas of Mozart through once a week - more often than not on a Monday which I call my "McEvilly-MozartMarathon" - It is refreshing to hear Jessica Duchen reveal for those who have not yet awakened to the fact that the Piano Sonatas contain within them all the riches, nuance, passion, rhetoric, detail, and depth of the operas, symphonies, the intimacies of the love duets, the virtuoso excesses of the coloratura, the drama, tension, romance, and pulsating life of genius at its fullest play... I hope people will read it, especially pianists and piano teachers and piano students - Thanks Jessica! Wayne (the article)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wayne2Wayne Memos To Myself

Do not do what is not yours to do. #Wayne2Wayne

Wayne2Wayne Memos To Myself

Know and Own What You Have Been Given to Do. #Wayne2Wayne

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brendel At 80

"If you play the right pieces - the ones really worth playing and worth spending your entire life on - they turn out to be sources of strength, centers of energy that constantly emit new energy and regenerate the strength of the performer," Brendel told Deutsche Welle. "That's why this profession is one of great privilege."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Blog Comment That Did Not Take

Near the end of her career Marguerite Young returned to writing poetry. Asked why she answered "Because I know how to do it." I believe that within the turmoil and passion of a "usual" life much great art has come forth from a mental quietude in the exercize of a practiced proficiency. The work gets done. With or without the documentable agonies of a given life, the art comes forth. And the individual composers differed in their chosen style of being the drama queen at the core of such a purple passion. Beethoven was often quite loud. Chopin was excessively unostentatious. Mozart was a master at hiding everything. Bach always did manage a piety even at his most robust. Handel so consistently sublime. Each had his way of it.
That's my take.
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to address this issue.

2 Questions: "What's On My Mind?" and "What's In My Brainbox?" - Is There A Difference? An If So, So What

I thought that such a nifty, if outrageously extended, title for a post that a post must needs (lol) be written. (I think I will, fairly soon at that, just do away completely with the little parenthetical lol bit-after all, I am assuming readers will come this way who don't really require that kind of vulgar push.... be continued...
Well, why not continue just right now...the subject at hand being whether or not the two questions "What's on my mind?" and "What's in my brainbox?" are actually and in reality one (and thus the same) question.
Do I detect any thoughts out there?
Any resonant harmony?
What say ye?
What Cheer?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ah Toy Speaks Yet Once Again

"It is the doing. That's just it. It isn't the idea. It is the thing. The thing itself, you know." There! Ah Toy just spoke again! be continued.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Find My Way

I heartily agree with your perception that the time to strart building an audience for your book is before it is finished.
A story:
When in 1965 Scribners first published “Miss MacIntosh, My Darling” by Marguerite Young the book was already famous -over its 17 year + period of composition it had gained an epic reputation among the literary elite – It was reviewed by the New York Times, hailed as the greatest single American literary achievement since Moby Dick, had a fair to middling sale, was remaindered in the Village Book Stores, was picked up by Harcourt for paperback) and now holds a high place in the literary firmament, with few readers on board at any given time, to be sure.
Well, that’s literature.
I have begun to put bits and pieces of my novel out as blogposts – “scenes” –
The characters become real in the reading. A reader responded she liked the speech of Ah Toy – so of course I will post more speeches by that lady, for that lady. Now, if you can gather online a few (let us say a mere thousand LOL) readers all of whom are clamoring for Ah Toy’s next speech, you’d be “on your way”- you’d have taken your first step.
There you are.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Present Mantras

A juhotA haviShA marjayadhvaM ni hotAraM gR^ihapatiM dadhidhvam/iDaspade namasA rAtahavya.N saparyatA yajataM pastyAnAm 63 chitra ichchhishostaruNasya vakShatho na yo mAtarAvanveti dhAtave anUdhA yadajIjanadadhA chidA vavakShatsadyo mahi dUtyA3M charan 64      idaM ta ekaM para U ta ekaM tR^itIyena jyotiShA saM vishasva .        saMveshanastanve3 chAruredhi priyo devAnAM parame janitre 65  ima.N stomamarhate jAtavedase rathamiva saM mahemA manIShayA bhadrA hi naH pramatirasya sa.Nsadyagne sakhye mA riShAmA vayaM tava 66 mUrdhAnaM divo aratiM pR^ithivyA vaishvAnaramR^ita A jAtamagnim kavi.N samrAjamatithiM janAnAmAsannAH pAtraM janayanta devAH 67 vi tvadApo na parvatasya pR^iShThAdukthebhiragne janayanta devAH taM tvA giraH suShTutayo vAjayantyAjiM na girvavAho jigyurashvAH 68 A vo rAjAnamadhvarasya rudra.N hotAra.N satyayaja.N rodasyoH agniM purA tanayitnorachittAddhiraNyarUpamavase kR^iNudhvam 69 indhe rAjA samaryo namobhiryasya pratIkamAhutaM ghR^itena naro havyebhirIDate sabAdha AgniragramuShasAmashochi 70 pra ketunA bR^ihatA yAtyagnirA rodasI vR^iShabho roravIti divashchidantAdupamAmudAnaDapAmupasthe mahiSho vavardha 71 agniM naro dIdhitibhiraNyorhastachyutaM janayata prashastam dUredR^ishaM gR^ihapatimathavyum 72   abodhyagniH samidhA janAnAM prati dhenumivAyatImuShAsam yahvA iva pra vayAmujjihAnAH pra bhAnavaH sasrate nAkamachchha 73 pra bhUrjayantaM mahAM vipodhAM mUrairamUraM purAM darmANam nayantaM gIrbhirvanA dhiyaM dhA harishmashruM na vArmaNA dhanarchim 74 shukraM te anyadyajataM te anyadviShurUpe ahanI dyaurivAsi vishvA hi mAyA avasi svadhAvanbhadrA te pUShanniha rAtirastu 75 iDAmagne puruda.Nsa.N saniM goH shashvattama.N havamAnAya sAdha syAnnaH sUnustanayo vijAvAgne sA te sumatirbhUtvasme 76 pra hotA jAto mahAnnabhovinnR^iShadmA sIdadapAM vivarte dadhadyo dhAyI sute vayA.Nsi yantA vasUni vidhate tanUpAH .. 77        pra samrAjamasurasya prashstaM pu.NsaH kR^iShTInAmanumAdyasya .      indrasyeva pra tavasaskR^itAni vandadvArA vandamAnA vivaShTu 78 araNyornihito jAtavedA garbha ivetsubhR^ito garbhiNIbhiH divediva IDyo jAgR^ivadbhirhaviShmadbhirmanuShyebhiragniH 79 sanAdagne mR^iNasi yAtudhAnAnna tvA rakShA.Nsi pR^itanAsu jigyuH anu daha sahamUrAnkayAdo mA te hetyA mukShata daivyAyAH 80

A Bombay Tale Continued (3)

The air was alive with the cawing of crows. Gossamer clouds dispersed and formed anew in the flawless lapis sky. The raucous voices of the crows were the neighbourhoods major music. Standing before Block Number Seven, a spacious sturdy old bungalow alike unto its neighbours and still enjoying like them a firm condition of existence, he watched the placid children at their play. The air was genteel without being ostentatious. Old gentlemen were in evidence.
..... to be continued ........

A Bombay Tale Continued (2)

The Taj is something quite special.
In The Neptune Suite of the old Taj there was an integration and a disintegration. All that ever was had ceased to be. All that was to be was not yet.
The time was ever "neti neti neti neti...." and there had been no syllable. Or that had been the only syllable written upon a snowflake, and that had been the melting syllable.
Ah Sing often paused to reflect on recent events-the beheading with which all had begun necessitated a sort of vast digression through wildernesses uncharted. That required some doing, a setting of the stage, and the assembling of vivid, bright, colorful, indeed even unforgettable characters. We are in the midst of all that, my dear Transparency, so do have patience with it all. be continued.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Extend My Bio

My name is Wayne McEvilly. I am a Musician-Pianist who picked up a Ph.D. degree from USC, in the field which would become my lifelong focus: "Music & Metaphysics" - I believe in the eternal spiritual value of the music of the great harmonists, the master composers.
I also believe in the present, healing, curative, practical, life-giving and life-changing capacities of the music that I choose to present.
I have the honor of presenting much of my music to you via a collaboration with the artist SER - He choreographs images of his paintings to my recordings of Bach, Chopin, Satie, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Paderewski and others.
Look for them on YouTube - search "serimages"

A Mere Tweet

You must endorse what you sell from the depths of your soul and heart, to say Yes to it, knowing it is good.

We Are All Salesmen Here

I do love the eighteenth century-and the first few decades of the nineteenth. I am quite vastly ignorant (and I'm sure I'm in a great crowd here) of the centuries stretching back before then. But having said that, I woke up this morning (as I do each and every morning of my life) in "today's world" and since this is the beginning of the New Year I extended my mind forward in time and saw a salesman making ever more and more sales.
Having said that, I am brought back upon the fact of our all, each and every one, being salesmen.
So as you go forth into the brave uncharted realms (for all your charting away you still sail forth without a compass) forth, I say, it is to sell your very best.
Given the station "Salesman" - Given the station "Messenger" - You have been given also the obligation to choose well what it is you will sell.
Here endeth the first part of the Meditation Upon Sales>
Look for another part in a month or so.
LOL all around if you please.

Wayne2Wayne Memos To Myself

An echo & re-echo > "This is not a year to recover-This is a year to dominate." #Wayne2Wayne

I respond to Brian Solis on Blogging

You're right-Promise delivered. It was not a boring ride! Just new to blogging still an exploring tourist with intentions to move on into the Bloggerverse- I am discovering the world-wide grid is really a small town in which it is possible that everyone will be able to know your "business" - Words are the key to our presence here. The point you make about the high importance of choosing well, the point you make about the fact that every little detail, every link you choose to send out, every RT you send forth, all goes into a quite real self-portrait, whether the "you" is an objectified "business" or just the self you are in the process of re-thinking as the brand it is and has always been. Today is the first day of a New Year - and blogging is going to be a central factor in my new architecture. Moving on in' - Thanks for the post - It induced good creative thought.
and brought me to these quotations:
"There is much to do-Do it now." - Beethoven
"The important thins is to do and nothing else-be that what it may." Piccasso