Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Music Listening Is Everything

Learning To Listen
Listening is the first step.
Be aware of your awareness.
Levels of Awareness.

When we listen, we enter a universe of endless refractions, where energy patterns are mirrored fervently, moving the heart, the intelligence of cells.
We close our eyes and listen.

Hearing the same units repeatedly is excellent practical preparation for study and performance. (As a child I would listen over and over again to a recording of Beethoven's 5th Symphony-Soon I became aware that I was hearing the music inside my mind-I was "learning it by heart"-This is a natural process, requiring no training or skill. Every human being is born with the capacity to interiorize what has been repeatedly heard. 60 years later I recorded the complete Mozart Piano Sonatas and began to place the 5 CD sets in public school classrooms-They play in the environment-& children learn them by heart-I know this because when I visit the classrooms in which they have been playing, the children can hum Mozart's tunes-& they have no "musical training":-)

Music is to transform you.
Once you know this, you can never let go.

Music is activity in essence. It is the only mortal-originated phenomenon with the graces of nature's own elements-the chemistries of flowers and seeds, the sure harmonies of wolves and whales, the reassuring steady rhythms of the seas, and the beyond, always the endless, eternal beyond which is the divinity within each and every one of us.


  1. Thank you for this description of learning to listen, what also in my book is essential for finding our selves...

    Anywhen I have heard that all around us was muisc... I love this imagination...

  2. It is an imagination isn't it Solveigh? When you say listening is also "essential for finding ourselves" I believe you are centered in on the essence of "the process" -Wayne