Friday, December 10, 2010

I Learn About Blogging From Reading Blogs

There is a Librarian who blogs about Marketing. Her name is Margie Clayman.
I really liked her blog and responded to a series of questions she asked with this comment:

1st off, I like this site. Why? Simplicity. Straightforward. Asks engaging questions. Doesn’t hint at a “secret” I don’t know and need to.
So, to the questions.
1. My picture is recent and a reasonable likeness. It’s of a guy on a telephone -talking/listening-Communicating. So the picture says here is a guy who is centered on Communicating. I love communicative engagement. There is high privilege in connecting with others about significant things.
2. the bio lays a lot out there – basics – what I like (birds, libraries, Mozart) where I’ve been to school (USC), what I do (make music)
3. I hope my tweets show I like to have some fun while getting my message out, and that I am not a stuffy old fart.
4. My blog, at this point, shows I am a mere beginner but am making an attempt.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say these things.

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