Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I believe in Libraries. I believe in Piano Masterworks.

I believe in Libraries. I believe in Music. And I believe in bringing the two together.
I believe that our Public Libraries are the best possible venues for the realization of the master composers' intent that their music be heard by everyone - When you read the words of Bach, Mozart, & Beethoven they make this unmistakably clear - Whether it is Bach telling us that his Preludes & Fugues are meant to bring us spiritual refreshment, or Mozart taking such delight in hearing his 7th Sonata being whistled & hummed by a gardener, or Beethoven using the words of the poet to convey his intent - "Here's a kiss for all the world."
Our Public Libraries embody the true significance of the word "inclusive."
I love performing great piano masterworks for library audiences.

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