Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fragments, Scraps, Strands, Tissues, Crumbs, Dust

In the early 1970s I began communications with the Government of India to allow me to stay for one year - It was not an easy thing to do at that time - I had secured a grant from the American Institute of Indian Studies funded by the U.S. State Department to research musical dimensions of ancient Sanskrit texts and was at work on an essay with the working title "A Map Of Music - Strange Dimensions Of Politics and War" - it was more of a surrealistic manifesto than a scholarly paper - This is a page from my Notebooks of that time - c. 1972 "No abrogation" (is that really a word?) " a ready-made system designed to clone types." I believe that must have meant I was questioning the necessity to take into account the "authority" of Swamis, pandits, and others who knew much more about the subject than myself. Over the past few decades I have learned that the only authorities I need trust are resident within my own heart. Wayne

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