Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anais Nin Discovers My Notebooks

1965 - Marguerite Young sent Anais Nin 100 pages from my Notebooks - I received a letter from Anais in which she spoke of my "destiny as a writer" - That letter was the beginning of a long correspondence during the course of which Anais wrote to me: "Now our friendship is eternal." She confided in me.
I will share with you some of her letters in this blog.


  1. Wayne, you are a wonderful combination of wisdom, humor, and amazing talent. Are you writing a book about you and Anais? I want to read it, if you are! with love and MUCH respect, molly

  2. Molly-
    Right now I have no intentions to write a book of that sort -but you just inspired me to write some blog posts based on the Nin materials here. Thank you for your kindness.
    Sign me a fan of your writing-